Spain, is the project of Conservas related with the free/libre culture topics. aims to provide citizens with the creative and legal skills. fights, alongside the great majority of society, for the right to use alternative forms of circulation of culture. provides ongoing legal advice; analyses political and social developments and drafts proposals for intervention on legislation; organises cultural events that aim to “normalise” free culture production and diffusion practices and make them known to the general public; amplifies the potential of national and international networks by fostering and harmonising the abilities of each node and creates viral campaigns.

Among’s public activities is the annual edition of FCForum and the oXcars, the world’s biggest free culture event ;-). The oXcars is a showcase for artists and creators that have pioneered that changes in knowledge and culture production thanks to the new technologies and seek to defend society’s right to use them normally.

The FCForum is an open arena for drawing up proposals that can present civil society’s position on the issues of the privatization of culture and access to knowledge.

Conservas is a cultural project that contributes to social transformation through producing, distributing and managing innovative cultural activities paying special attention to social and digital based projects.

Conservas has created and produced cultural, artistic and reflection actions since 1993.
It runs a multipurpose performance space in which experimentation, research, learning and general cultural transformations can take place.

Conservas collaborates permanently with Centre of Contemporary Culture of the City of Barcelona (CCCB) where it realizes mass audience shows to bring new cultural paradigms to the public, such as InnMotion Festival.

Conservas is also a leading voice in Spain about harmonization of Internet rights, for citizens, consumers and entrepreneurs.

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Greece, National Hellenic Research Foundation, National Documentation Center

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is the backbone organisation of the national infrastructure for scientific documentation, online information and support services on science, research and technology. EKT is a national body that has been operating at the National Hellenic Research Foundation and is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development.

Austria, Institute for New Culture Technologies

Since 1994, has been a not-for-profit association with the following purposes:

  • Researching contemporary structures of a cross-area penetration of culture and science on the basis of a society determined by new technologies.
  • Establishing an environment for project-oriented research in the area of new digital media and the correlated cultural, social, and human contexts.
  • Promoting the re-integration of research and the public by applying communication strategies in connection with new technologies and easy access to knowledge.
  • Extending the horizon of knowledge between the disciplines of natural and cultural sciences to find new policy options with a better understanding of global cultural development.

The Netherlands, Kennisland

Kennisland is an independent think tank. They continuously search for ways to spark the social innovations needed to improve the knowledge society. They start by defining challenges for the Dutch knowledge society and creatively finding possible answers to them. They put these issues on policymakers’ agendas. They need that leverage: broad challenges require a broad approach. But that is not all: They also develop and deliver projects, programmes and platforms to help others fix the issues at hand. They also assist in scaling and transferring success results and knowledge about the ins-and-outs of social innovation, to help others forward.

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