del 13 de Marzo al 19 de Junio
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**Tuesdays 13 and 27 March, 17 and 24 April, 9 (Wednesday) and 22 Mai and 5 and 19 June, from 7 to 9 pm.**

Three sessions on the foundational texts of free culture:

  • Tuesday 13 March. Session 1 (coordinated by Rubén Martínez). A study of Richard Stallman’s classic text ‘Free software, free society’
  • Tuesday 27 March. Session 2 (coordinated by Rubén Martínez). An analysis of the contributions that Lawrence Lessig has made in the field of free culture, both conceptual and legal. Free Culture
  • Tuesday 17 April. Session 3 (coordinated by Rubén Martínez). The open and free nature of the Internet. ‘A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace’, by John Perry Barlow

Four sessions surrounding free culture and legislation

  • Tuesday 24 April. Session 4 (coordinated by Simona Levi). Authors’ Rights, Citizens’ Rights. The Law of intellectual property and proposals for free culture within a legal framework. Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access for Knowledge
  • Wednesday 9 Mai. Session 5 (coordinated by Simona Levi + Rubén Martínez). The economy and free culture. Businesses, free culture and Business models. Sustainable models for creativity in the digital age
  • Tuesday 22 Mai. Session 6 (Coordinated by Simona Levi). Legislation against neutrality in the Internet, collaboration on the Internet and free culture on a European level vs. Judicial security for online entrepreneurs. Case Studies: Ley Sinde, SOPA, ACTA
  • 5 juny 2012. Session 7 (coordinated by Rubén Martínez). Copying and remixing in cultural production. Video: Copyright Criminals

Final session of free culture and other models of economic sustainability

  • Tuesday 19 June. Session 8 (coordinated by Jaron Rowan). Free culture and tensions within the cultural and creative industries ‘Global peripheries’, the tecnobrega case in Brazil (video: “Good Copy, Bad Copy”)