del 13 de Marzo al 19 de Junio
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Reading group: Free/libre Culture

This study group is focused on introducing the basic concepts and debates that surround the Free Culture movement. The course is divided into three sections, which together aim to establish a wide overview of the foundations, objectives and founding processes of free culture.

The first stage will be an analysis of texts that are regarded as the basis of free culture, including discussions of questions of freedom within the phenomenon of free software, the conception and design of free licenses (Copyleft) as well as manifestos for a free and neutral Internet.

Secondly, we will study the arguments and implementation processes of legislation that now threatens the open nature of the Internet, putting at constant risk cooperation and free interchange of information, as well as the production and distribution of free culture.

Lastly, we will see how, in response to old paradigms, new communal protocols have been created to allow the emergence of innovative, decentralised cultural industries.