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Xnet is the project of Conservas related with the free/libre culture topics.
Xnet aims to provide citizens with the creative and legal skills.
Xnet fights, alongside the great majority of society, for the right to use alternative forms of circulation of culture.
Xnet provides ongoing legal advice; analyses political and social developments and drafts proposals for intervention on legislation; organises cultural events that aim to “normalise” free culture production and diffusion practices and make them known to the general public; amplifies the potential of national and international networks by fostering and harmonising the abilities of each node and creates viral campaigns.

Among Xnet’s public activities is the annual edition of FCForum and the oXcars, the world’s biggest free culture event ;-) . The oXcars is a showcase for artists and creators that have pioneered that changes in knowledge and culture production thanks to the new technologies and seek to defend society’s right to use them normally.

The FCForum is an open arena for drawing up proposals that can present civil society’s position on the issues of the privatization of culture and access to knowledge.

Conservas is a cultural project that contributes to social transformation through producing, distributing and managing innovative cultural activities paying special attention to social and digital based projects.

Conservas has created and produced cultural, artistic and reflection actions since 1993.
It runs a multipurpose performance space in which experimentation, research, learning and general cultural transformations can take place.

Conservas collaborates permanently with Centre of Contemporary Culture of the City of Barcelona (CCCB) where it realizes mass audience shows to bring new cultural paradigms to the public, such as InnMotion Festival.

Conservas is also a leading voice in Spain about harmonization of Internet rights, for citizens, consumers and entrepreneurs.

Eğitimli İnsan Bilinçli Toplum Foundation

Eğitimli İnsan Bilinçli Toplum Foundation was founded in 2010. Its main purpose is to promote education through the following activities:

Educating people in order to improve the educational level of the community.
Carrying out research and surveys to determine the community’ s needs.
Organizing educational activities, designing and implementing projects.
Contributing to improving the community in order to raise the quality of life and to improve dialogue within the community.
Supporting the improvement of democracy in the community and upholding rights.

Eğitimli İnsan Bilinçli Toplum Foundation is an organization of about 100 members and approximately 200 volunteers, from a diverse cross-section of society. The foundation has the following 14 commissions: International relations; Commerce, industry and employment; Agriculture and livestock improvement; Social affairs; Healthcare; Culture and tourism; Improvement of dialogue in society; Women and Family; Youth and sports; Science and technology; Education and research; Environment Protection; Disaster and emergency.

The main work within these commissions has included organising conferences and workshops such as ‘Women and the Role of Women in Society’ and ‘Domestic Violence’, hygiene and health care, energy efficiency, etc. The Foundation also has a computer laboratory with the aim of contributing to social improvement in Bolu by using online computer tools.

Julia Group

Julia Group

Julia Group is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009, to work for a free and open internet. The main objective of the Julia Group is to educate the public and decision makers in matters relating to the Internet, net politics and safe & sound computer use. Members of The Julia Group have backgrounds from within the academy, media and the business world.

The Julia Group is a pronounced public stakeholder organisation and wants to counteract development in which political and commercial forces control the Internet. We strive towards serious debate about why a free Internet is so important, and what can be done to make it all work.

The Julia Group also aims to work as a unifier in the Internet conversation as a whole, by connecting people who presently maybe barely even know each other but who could do even more exciting things if they worked together. The Julia Group is therefore constantly participating in the ongoing dialogue about the Internet and its future. We plan activities within the fields of both public opinion and research as well as technological development and legal counselling.

The Julia Group has participated in and organized a large number of different educational events. Some examples include: Crypto workshops open to the public both at novice and developer levels; a series of lectures and discussions under the slogan Nät och samtal; a conference together with SIDA (Net for Change) with 250 participants from all over the world, and a total of 14 workshops.

Members from the Julia Group have also participated in a broad range of workshops, panels and conferences all over Europe to educate about Internet usage.



Maiz is an organization created by and for migrant women. It was founded as a result of the need for change with regards to the living and working conditions of migrants in Austria, and with the desire to strengthen political and cultural participation. Aware of the legitimacy of our role as protagonists, we work in a range of different fields in an attempt to provide answers to problems surrounding the work-related migration of women. In the process, we explore and implement theory and practice while developing a variety of new forms, methods and strategies.

Our spheres of activity include:

Education (German language, computer skills, job orientation and video courses for migrant women, and a preparatory program for high school leaving exams targeted at migrant youth)
Legal and social counseling; family counseling
Counseling, streetwork and training for migrant women working in the sex trade
Cultural work
Public relations activities

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